Jan 272018

Hot straight muscle stud paul humiliated and wanked at Cfnmtv 01


Straight mahco stud Paul’s torment has not been over yet. A much more subdued Paul sits surrounded by the 3 perverted trainers wanking furiously. The women have successfully curbed his earlier arrogance and he is now totally complaint.


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Jan 202018

Cocky straight bodybuilder Paul violated and dildo fucked by three perverted women at Cfnmtv 01


The trainers hadn’t forgotten straight hunk Paul’s earlier cheek and were determined to make this stage of the process unforgettable for him. They start by invading his arsehole with their delicate fingers, but that is only a warm up for bigger things.


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Jan 082018

Tough masculine straight bodybuilder Paul stripped, explored and spanked by three women masters in CFNM Training at Cfnmtv 01


Paul is a cocky, tough straight bodybuilder with a macho look, muscular body and a tight meaty ass. Watch three pervy female masters explore Paul’s fit body and strip him bare before they play with Paul’s uncut cock and spank Paul’s bubble butt.


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